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Create Your Course

No technical skills needed here.
You can start your course in seconds & focus on writing great content. No need to learn complicated authoring tools or setup payment processing…we got it covered.

Invite Collaborators

You can accomplish more together than you can alone. Invite other authors and contributors to your project. Writing with collaborators will add credibility to your course and help you launch faster.

Launch & Earn

Our innovative publishing platform helps authors launch early, gather interest, monetize faster, and add content along the way. We’ll keep your audience up-to-date as you build out your course.

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Easy As Pie

If you know how to write a blog post…you can produce a course on Grokks. Create a course in minutes. No technical skills required whatsoever.

Engage With Readers

We let you easily communicate with all your readers, and we automatically notify them about your book updates and revisions.


Don’t write by yourself…invite some collaborators to help. Tap into the mind of other experts and publish together.

Launch Early & Pre-Sell

Have only a few chapters written? No problem. We encourage you to launch your book early, get feedback, and add content along the way.


No need to fiddle with shopping carts and payment processing. You just set the price, we’ll manage all the sales and payments.

Happy Readers

We love making readers happy. We do this by crafting an enjoyable reading & learning experience, helping readers breeze through your course.

Marketing Power

We’ll feature your course in our Course Marketplace, create a high converting landing page, drip email to your leads, and help you generate sales.

Course Dashboard

Our course management dashboard will help you track your sales, manage your students, and oversee your collaborators.